Heroin in Connecticut; Former State Workers Discuss Layoffs; Reasons to Love the Nutmeg State

May 16, 2016

WNPR is launching a new series on the heroin epidemic gripping the state. This hour, we hear from one of the reporters leading the investigation.

Also, the state's ongoing budget problems are causing problems for a lot more people than just number crunchers and policy wonks. We check in with two former state employees who lost their jobs in a recent round of layoffs.

Finally, we go to a topic we're sure we'll revisit many times on this program: our perceptions of Connecticut. Is it all bad? Two residents/bloggers weigh in.


  • Jeff Cohen - WNPR reporter
  • Angela Valero - Laid off correctional officer
  • MaryAnn Duval - Laid off speech pathologist 
  • Jenna Kijowski - Founder and owner of CT Ain't So Bad
  • Jessica Bishop - Creative content editor for CT Ain't So Bad

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Lydia Brown and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.