Hedge Funds

Jun 8, 2011

Hedge Fund managers are America’s new economic elite...they weathered the storm of the financial collapse better than anyone, and have made the kind of money that’s hard to imagine.  In fact, author Sebastian Mallaby calls it “More Money Than God.” He’s studied the history of hedge funds for this bestselling book that’s - now out in paperback.  

He paints a picture of complicated men - who crave secrecy, exude eccentricity, and who have unlocked the mystery of how markets work, making billions in the process.

Today we’ll talk about the success stories and the cautionary tales; we’ll talk about how new financial reforms might affect the hedge fund industry, and whether it’s even a good idea to try to reign them in; and we’ll discuss the impact of an industry that makes “more money than God” on the rest of us.