Hartford's Treasurer, His Wife, and the Workplace

Oct 11, 2013

Credit Heather Brandon / WNPR

Earlier this week, we brought you the story of how an insurance firm had failed to pay nearly $700,000 in premiums on the city's behalf.  We also told you that the broker has business ties to the family of City Treasurer Adam Cloud. Now, the story apparently has some legs.  The Courant has dug into it, as has columnist Kevin Rennie.

One thing that sticks out: According this internal document, Cloud's wife -- Nicole Plessy-Cloud -- still works in his office.  That's what it says on the treasurer's website, too.

It's a story we wrote about two years ago.  Here's how Adam Cloud explained it then:

Both the mayor and I spent every waking minute working on making sure that this Democratic team won the primary. We did that. Now that we've done that we can focus and get back to resolving this matter.

Curious, I just emailed the treasurer to ask for an update. And here's what he said:

While she is physically resident in my office, she reports to the Finance Director, and is paid through the Finance Department budget.

Now you know.