Hartford Wants to Improve Downtown Traffic

Aug 9, 2013

If you've ever gotten stuck in traffic in downtown Hartford, you'll like this story. The city is applying for a grant that will allow it to upgrade traffic signals in the central business district. The plan is to reduce congestion.

The city is applying for about $6 million in state and federal grants to help it improve traffic signals and to reconstruct three intersections on Asylum Street. Lyle Wray is the executive director of the Capital Region Council of Governments. "Part of it is the signalization, in other words, the traffic lights and their computer systems need to be replaced and upgraded to deal with traffic volumes more efficiently so they're smarter and can make better decisions about moving traffic. And then the three intersections on Asylum, as I said, need to be reconstructed so they can better accommodate traffic and pedestrians."

Wray's organization administers the grants the city is applying for. He says it has a pretty good chance of getting the money through a competitive process.