Hartford Treasurer Says He Played No Role; Emails Suggest Otherwise

Oct 23, 2013

City Treasurer Adam Cloud, left, and Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra.
Credit City of Hartford

Hartford City Treasurer Adam Cloud said he played no role in the selection of an insurance broker that does business with his family. But emails obtained from city hall call that into question.

To recap, the allegation goes like this. City Treasurer Adam Cloud tried to steer business to an insurance broker who did business with his family. That broker, Hybrid Insurance Group, has since failed to take $670,000 the city gave it and pay Hartford's insurance premiums. Now, Hybrid is in a whole lot of trouble with the city, the state, and its lenders.

Cloud has said he is being scapegoated by Mayor Pedro Segarra. More importantly, he has long denied that he had any role in getting Hybrid business. "Any suggestion that the treasurer's office was involved in assisting Hybrid get business is untrue because I didn't participate in any selection process nor did I influence any process whatsoever," Cloud told WNPR earlier this month.

But now, emails obtained from the city tell a different story. In June, Hybrid CEO Earl O'Garro wrote Cloud an email. In it, he explained why he should get a piece of the city's insurance business through its subcontractor, HD Segur.

Cloud then forwarded that email to the city's finance director and added this: "The point of the email is that they are a certified minority contractor of the City of Hartford and should get a serious look from Segur as they seek brokers to place the insurance business of the city."

Regardless of whether Cloud intended this as a recommendation to city officials, other emails show that's exactly how it was taken. In early September, John Griffin, the city's risk manager, told a school board official that "Adam recommended this firm."  

In an email two weeks later to the state, Griffin said that Cloud said, "Hybrid should be given strong consideration."

By email, Cloud said he wants to respond, but not until after the city's Internal Audit Commission meets to decide whether to investigate the whole matter. That meeting is scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm Wednesday.

Update: @HtfdCityline has more. Also, Cloud has not been back in touch since Wednesday's meeting.