Hartford Restaurants Making The Grade

Jan 18, 2012

It’s already in place in New York - a grading system for restaurants. Soon, Hartford diners will find out if their favorite hotspot makes the grade.

This new grading system is also in place in Stamford, Norwalk, and the Farmington Valley.  How does it work?

Starting this month, Hartford health inspectors will begin checking each of the city’s 1,300 restaurants for cleanliness and safety. Following the inspections, restaurants must display their letter grades - “A” or “B.”  But there’s no, C, D...or a “For God’s sake don’t eat here.” Why not?  

Some owners in New York say the system punishes for even the slightest offense and leaves their livelihood vulnerable to the whim of inspectors. Others say the system works great and has earned them high grades and more business. What does the grade really mean? Is every ‘A’ grade the same?

We want to hear from you. Will you stop going to a favorite restaurant if it doesn’t make the grade? Will a grade help you decide where to eat?