Hartford Pays for More Apartments at Colt

Oct 25, 2013

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra announced a plan to borrow $5 million and build more apartments at the former Colt factory.
Credit David Panagore

More apartments are in the works for the city of Hartford, as the city has agreed to borrow $5 million to build 79 more units at the historic Colt Gateway complex.

The Colt is the structure with the blue onion dome just off I-91 in Hartford. And it was once home to the Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, which made “the guns that won the West.” 

The gun maker is long gone. But the factory and its neighborhood remain as one of the city’s biggest, and longest, redevelopment projects.

Now, Mayor Pedro Segarra announced he is borrowing $5 million to help build more apartments in the partially finished South Armory of the facility. The new apartments should be ready a year from now and will join other apartments, businesses, and educational institutions. Segarra said the new units will make the entire neighborhood project, known as Coltsville, more attractive to investors and to other tenants.

Coltsville is already a National Historic Landmark. Efforts continue to make it a National Historic Park.