Hartford High School Students Provide Electricity to a Nepalese School

Sep 16, 2013

Students and their teacher stand around one of five pallets that comprised the wind turbine/solar panel system that was ready to be shipped out by truck, plane, and helicopter to Saldang, Nepal. L to R: Akeem Brown, Derrick Cardona, Danilo Sena (UConn), Pravesh Mallik (Uconn), Jazzmin Mitchel, Orlando Nugent, Dave Mangus (teacher), Akwayne Wilson, Samuel King (seated).
Credit Dayl Walker / CBIA

A school in a remote village in Nepal is getting electricity, thanks to a group of Hartford High School students, the Associated Press reports. Fourteen students in the school's academy of Engineering and Green Technology designed and built a wind-powered turbine for a school in Saldang, which is in Nepal's Dolpa region, surrounded by the Himalayan mountains.

Students perform a final test of the wind turbine and solar panels before disassembling the system to crate it for shipment to Nepal.
Credit Dayl Walker / CBIA

The school in Nepal has no power and is accessible only by yak. During the winter months when the region is covered with snow, it is not accessible at all.

A grant from the Connecticut-based Werth Foundation has supported the work by the Hartford students, who designed and built a generator, with a vertical wind turbine and solar panels. Project officials say the generator will be delivered by helicopter and installed in Nepal in the coming days.