Handwriting Is So Yesterday

Jul 31, 2014

Credit photosteve101 / Creative Commons

The death of handwriting could be viewed as the end of a tyranny. Especially for those of us who were unable to learn penmanship. That includes me. I’m pretty sure that no teacher I ever had got training in how to teach cursive to a left handed person for whom the process really is radically different. I arrived at college to find halls full of desks from which a small writing area protruded from the right side. I often took two hour exams at those desks, scrawling essay question answers in a blue book with my body twisted around uncomfortably.

F. Lee Bailey, similarly oppressed, petitioned Harvard Law School for the right to type his exams. So I do not mourn the death of handwriting, but some do.

Join us as we talk to some handwriting experts to see why they still like to write by hand, what value there is in learning handwriting, and what your handwriting can say about your personality.

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