'The Haggle' - How To Negotiate Huge Savings And Have Fun Doing It

Sep 25, 2012

You can bargain with almost anybody. Even the IRS. You probably think of them as being pretty inflexible, but IRS spokesperson Nancy Mathis told the website Learnvest: “People are always pleasantly surprised after they deal with our customer service representatives. We realize its been a hard, difficult time for people financially. The IRS will actually work out a payment plan for you that stretches your obligation across more than one year." Says Mathis, “We’re willing to work with everyone who makes an honest effort with us. We can’t waive interest but we can wave penalties.”

So if the IRS is flexible, how tough can your local jewelry store or tire dealership be?

 Today we'll talk about the art of haggling and then turn an eye toward a future where you'll actually know how much things cost.

 Until then, haggle, haggle, haggle, even if it's emotionally exhausting.

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