Gun Debate Continues, But Data Still Lacking

Dec 13, 2013

One of the most divisive issues in America today: guns.
Credit Michael Saechang / Creative Commons

Since the Newtown shootings last December 14, America has had a long and very heated conversation about guns and violence. 

Lost in the aftermath of this, and other mass shootings, are two realities: the gun debate we just had has little to do with the reality of gun violence in America; and handguns are used in suicide and family violence far more than mass murders. In urban areas, there’s a daily drumbeat of gun-related crime that never grabs the headlines. 

Join us for a conversation that uses hard numbers and personal stories to talk about guns in America.


  • Matthew Miller - Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management at Harvard University
  • Rev. Henry Brown - Founder of Mothers United Against Violence
  • Shafiq Abdussabur - New Haven police officer and Chairman/CEO of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement
  • Alvin Chang - Data editor for The Connecticut Mirror
  • Brandy Zadrozny - Researcher and reporter for The Daily Beast