Gun Control Advocates Plan Protest of Gov. Christie's Visit to Connecticut

Jul 19, 2014

Credit Bob Jagendorf / Creative Commons
At issue is Christie's gun control veto, and his refusal to meet with family members of some Sandy Hook shooting victims before issuing the veto.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be met by protesters at a GOP fundraiser on Monday night in Greenwich. Gun control advocates are angry at Christie for vetoing a recent gun control bill.

The measure would have brought New Jersey law in line with Connecticut's by limiting high-capacity magazines to a maximum of ten rounds. Governor Christie vetoed the bill last month, calling the capacity limit "arbitrary."

"Limiting the capacity of those magazines that were used in a lot of the mass shootings, including Sandy Hook, actually saved lives," said Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence. "It's not a trivial thing at all."

Pinciaro's organization is protesting Christie's fundraising visit on Monday night at a private home in Greenwich, in part for Christie's gun control veto. It's also for Christie's refusal to meet with family members of some of the Sandy Hook shooting victims before issuing the veto.

The beneficiary of Monday's fundraiser is Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley, a politician who, according to Pinciaro, is no friend of common-sense gun laws. "He's said, on a couple of occasions," Pinciaro said, "quotes to the effect that if he becomes governor, any bills that would limit gun owners would never get past the governor's desk, and if he had been governor after Sandy Hook happened, the outcome would have been different."

Hundreds of protesters are expected to line the route to Monday night's fundraiser, but Pinciaro said the protests will be peaceful and orderly.