Graduation Rates Rise; Democrats Hold Nominating Conventions

May 14, 2014

State officials announced today at Hartford’s Insurance and Finance Academy--that Connecticut’s high school graduation rate increased for the fourth consecutive year. The gap between graduation rates of black and white students, Hispanic and white students, and also among affluent and poor students  also narrowed.

Political Parties Holding Nominating Conventions

All five incumbent Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives are expected to be nominated at conventions tonight. Democrats will hold their statewide convention in Hartford on Friday. Republicans are holding a two-day nominating convention on Friday and Saturday to support candidates for both statewide and federal office.

Healthcare Call Center Costs Increasing 

One part of the Affordable Care Act has become less affordable: call centers. Maximus is the company that runs the phone banks to enroll people in Connecticut. Company officials originally said it would charge the state $15 million dollars over roughly three years. The state now says the cost of that contract could nearly double.

Disinfecting Device Tested at Saint Francis Hospital

A new device being tested at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford might reduce infections contracted during patient hospital visits. The hospital is testing a device to disinfect phones and tablets in one of their "step-down units," where patients go following intensive care.

Waterbury Astronaut Returns

Waterbury astronaut Rick Mastracchio has returned from a six month journey aboard the International Space Station. During 188 days in space, the UConn graduate orbited Earth more than 3,000 times, traveling nearly 79.8 million miles. The return journey took less than 3.5 hours and ended with a safe touchdown in a Kazahkstan desert.