Governor Malloy's New Office of Early Childhood, the State Budget, Keno and 2014

Jun 25, 2013

Yesterday, Governor Malloy signed an executive order establishing the Office of Early Childhood, an idea that has broad support, and funding from the legislature.

"There was no doubt that this legislation, until it apparently got tied up in some politics, was going to pass," said Malloy.

This is the very important new initiative that lawmakers failed to actually create before the session ran out, in a bit of horse-trading gone bad. Today, in his monthly appearance on Where We Live, Governor Malloy introduces us to Myra Jones-Taylor, who is heading up this new office.

We also talk for the first time since he signed a new, two-year budget into law. Critics say it balances the books on too many one-time fixes, and ideas like Keno.

He says it moves that state forward with “no new taxes.”

But we consider one tax that is going up, a gas price increase signed into law by another governor.

And we look ahead to 2014 and the potentially close re-election campaign that he faces.