Governor Malloy on the Blizzard, UConn and the State Budget

Feb 15, 2013

The New York Times had the best description of the first term of Governor Dannel Malloy, “a wearying tape loop of natural chaos.”

The state is still digging out from yet another blizzard and he’s probably sick of the seeing the inside of the Emergency Operations Center and many students are probably sick of being stuck at home.

The State Department of Education says almost one-third of school districts closed for at least five days because of Hurricane Sandy.

But Malloy does not want to relax the requirement of 180 school days a year. "I think school districts are going to have to work that out for themselves. If you are asking me if I think children in Connecticut should have less than 180 days of school, the answer is no," Malloy said. "That's the law."

On WNPR's Where We Live, Governor Malloy talks about the storm response as well as his state budget proposal unveiled earlier this year.

We’ll also be joined by UConn President Susan Herbst to talk about the future of the school , which has its own budget uncertainties. Malloy’s making a big investment in the state’s flagship university.