Governor Dannel Malloy In Talks With Republican Leadership On State Budget

Sep 22, 2017

Governor Dannel Malloy will meet with Republican legislative leaders Friday as the stalemate over the state budget continues. 

Malloy has said he will veto the Republican budget that passed the General Assembly late last week, but he’s been taking the opportunity this week to offer high-profile critiques of its provisions.

Thursday he held an event at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology to speak about the effects of the GOP budget on workforce development, higher education and job creation.

Malloy insisted he’s not playing politics.

"We can't have serious discussion about these proposals until these proposals are actually vetted," he said. "I understand vetting them makes people uncomfortable. You know why I understand it? It's happened to every budget I've ever put out."

The Governor said he had talks Thursday with House Democrats. He also indicated he’s reached out to the three Democratic state senators who voted for the Republican budget, precipitating the latest standoff.