Gov. Malloy's State Of The State Address - 2012

Feb 8, 2012

A year ago, Dannel Malloy's job fell into the general categories of triage and emergency medicine. The state's finances were broken. He had to get the patient stabilized so the process of care could begin. This year, to extend the analogy, the patient is out of intensive care but not out of the woods.

Malloy claims the budget works, and works well enough so that he can talk about spending at least $330 million on new education programs and repairs to the pension fund. For this to work, a lot has to happen right. For one thing, we're all going to have to drink more. Malloy is assuming Sunday liquor sales will pass and that our thirst will translate into $8 million in new revenue.
Meanwhile, his education initiatives -- the latest in a long line of Connecticut school fixes-- are sure to generate debate.

To read a transcript of the Governor's speech, click here.

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