Gov. Malloy Outlines Principles To Manage State If Budget Doesn't Pass In Time

Jun 21, 2017

Governor Dannel Malloy has outlined principles to manage the state government if a budget fails to pass before the end of the fiscal year. 

In a letter to Connecticut lawmakers, the governor said he hopes that a new two-year budget will pass in time, but said it's prudent to share how state government will be funded if a budget deal is not reached. Malloy and lawmakers must address a projected $5 billion deficit in the new tax-and-spending plan.

Connecticut’s Office of Policy and Management has been asked to develop a plan for managing state government through funding allocations based on five principles: not increasing the projected deficit; supporting essential health, safety, and human services for Connecticut's most vulnerable residents; considering the fiscal capacity of cities and towns when apportioning reductions;  complying with court orders and mandates; and honoring state employees’ tentative collective bargaining agreements.  

A detailed plan based on these principles is to be finalized and released publicly before June 30.