Giants of Poetry and Literature

Aug 6, 2013

Today’s show features two loosely-related interviews. Billy Collins is probably the most popular poet in the United States and this summer he’s guest curating and guest voicing The Writer’s Almanac, a popular Garrison Keillor radio segment which showcases one poem every day and then looks back-- usually because of birthdays—at creators of the past.

One assumes that on May 23, something is said about Margaret Fuller, one of the founders of transcendentalism but also as a new book reveals, a far more gritty and adventurous 19th century person than you might think, if you are only cursorily aware of her. We’re not going to dwell so much on the transcendentalism today, but if we did, we could easily make the case that the whole movement opened a huge door through which many an American romantic, and perhaps Billy Collins would pass.

Anyway have fun with Billy, be wowed by Margaret.