Getting Lost

Aug 21, 2012

Daniel Boone, the great American frontiersman, is alleged to have said, "I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks."

Most people today think they're lost if the voice on the GPS machine fades away for 15 minutes.

I will confess an aversion to being lost. When I was a little boy my parents got lost a lot on car rides. They weren't good with maps or advance planning or cooperation. Children have a hard time telling the difference between lost as in, "We may have gone 45 minutes out of our way," and, "There is considerable doubt that we will ever return to the place from which we set out."

As an adult, I became a more cautious person. I don't get lost very often. But some spontaneity gets lost in all that. Even I can feel it.

And today's world seems so heavily mapped and wired that getting lost would be a real feat. Or would it? 

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