Getting To Know Springfield, Massachusetts

Jul 26, 2012

Springfield is Hartford's neighbor to the north...we share an airport, a major highway and a river. But what do we really know about Springfield?

Today, for the first time, we broadcast live from Springfield, MA. We're celebrating our new relationship with American International College and its radio station WAIC 91.9 FM.

We're coming to you live from the Bing Arts Center in the Forest Park neighborhood of Springfield, a few blocks down from the X. we’ll hear from residents and newsmakers about issues affecting the city and region. Later in the day, The Colin McEnroe Show will be back here, too.

What's in the news? The transportation secretary was just here - touting the renovation of Union Station and the major investment in rail that are happening all around.

A casino might be coming - at least four plans could bring gambling to Springfield or surrounding communities.

What’s going on in Springfield? We’d like to hear from you, in our audience today, and questions from our listeners interested to know more.