Get To Know Your Bike Helmet & Ride To Work!

May 16, 2013

This weekend -- and maybe sooner -- a lot of us will buckle on bike helmets which, we hope, will protect if we topple. One the show today, we'll look a little closer at that plastic and polystryrene bubble on your noggin. The truth about it may be more complicated that you dreamed.

But that's no reason not to bike. In fact, the more people ride bicycles, the safer bicycling gets. There really is safety in numbers and more safety still as communities adapt their physical structure to bike traffic. Connecticut's trying hard to do that, but  we lag behind other states where bike-friendliness is a bigger deal.

Today on the show, we'll talk to one city -- guess which one -- where the bike is king, and find out how they did it. And we'll hear from local riders about upcoming events and their wish lists.

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