The Genetically-Modified Nose Panel Is Wearing Luon Yoga Pants That Belong To Whom?

Mar 22, 2013

On today's Nose, we'll move briskly through the following topics:  An experiment in Dubai which caused, as I understand it, a chicken to give birth to a duck;the $60 million recall of Lululemon yoga pants; the announcement that Jimmy Fallon will take over the Tonight show and move it back to New York; an article in Slate magazine arguing that email etiquette should be adjusted to accommodate the removal of all salutations and sign-offs; and an article in the Atlantic reporting that the accusative pronoun "whom" is on the way out, also a casualty of digital communication. As always, our panel welcomes phone calls on all these topics, but one to whom these topics are important should call in before we switch subjects.  Warmest regards, Colin McEnroe   To Whom It May Concern, Leave your comments below, email us at colin@wnpr.org, or  tweet us @wnprcolin. Sincerely,The Colin McEnroe Show