A Generation Remembers 9/11

Sep 25, 2012

This September 11th, the CPBN Media Lab interns went to the University of Hartford to ask students about their experiences on September 11, 2001.

Eleven years ago many University of Hartford students were in elementary school.  They recall the day of the terrorist attacks as a confusing and frightening time.  Nick Frogameni said, “I was just kind of nervous because everyone around me was freaking out, like my parents, my teachers, my friends’ parents … I was too young to understand the gravity of it all.”  Several students had parents who worked in New York City or were away on business trips, and they remember the uncertainty of that day, including student reporter Erica Sener.  “My father’s company was right across from the World Trade Center so it was pretty scary.”

In the following years, the anniversary of September 11th was marked with memorials and public ceremonies, including memorial events at the University of Hartford.  This year information about memorials on campus was scarce.  Most students planned to find their own ways to remember those affected by the attacks.