The Future of Cities

Aug 8, 2012

TV shows and Sci-Fi books and  from the 1950’s and 60s brought us images of future cities filled with flying machines, moving sidewalks, helpful robots and meals at the push of a button.

Although we never quite got there,  we do have internet, a phone in our pocket that does everything and we sent a roving space lab on Mars.

But what do the visionaries of today have planned for the city of tomorrow?  

What if we developed  transit systems that go 100 or maybe 200 miles per hour that could go ten times faster than that using evacuated tube transport?  And what if, as our cities get more and more crowded, we could build floating “seascrapers” that harness ocean currents?

Today, on Where We Live, we'll  talk with designers, dreamers and a science fiction writer about the world of the future!

And you can join the conversation.What do you think the city of the future will look like?