Fracking In 2011

Jan 6, 2012

2011 was the year fracking “cracked the public consciousness” - and it stands to be an environmental and political issue in 2012. We get an update from Nick Kusnetz who was recently a reporting fellow for ProPublica, focusing on fracking.

Here is an excerpt from ProPublica's reflection on fracking in 2011 by Abrahm Lustgarten:

"It wasn't just that environmental concerns about the underground drilling process finally struck a mainstream chord -- after three years of reporting and more than 125 stories. For the first time, independent scientific investigations linked the drilling technique with water pollution, and a variety of federal and state agencies responded to the growing apprehension about water contamination with more studies and more regulation.

"The most important development -- and perhaps a crucial turning point -- was in December. In a landmark finding, the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that hydraulic fracturing was the likely culprit in a spate of groundwater contamination that had forced residents to stop using their water in dozens of homes in central Wyoming. The agency had been investigating since 2008."