Former Chinese UTC Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing Military Secrets

Dec 20, 2016

A former employee of United Technologies who is a Chinese citizen has pleaded guilty to stealing documents from defense-related projects. 

Yu Long was a senior engineer for the company’s research center, and worked on at least two of UTC’s military engine programs. According to the Justice Department he admitted stealing and exploiting highly sensitive military technology and documents, "knowing his theft would benefit China’s defense industry."

He has not yet been sentenced, but he could potentially be given 20 years in prison.

Bear's Raises Minimum Wage

At least one Connecticut small business isn’t afraid of a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Bear’s Smokehouse, which has restaurants in Hartford, Windsor, and South Windsor, and is about to open its fourth location, announced it will raise wages for the majority of its lowest paid employees to $15 an hour at the beginning of the year.

That will affect around 80 workers. Owners Jamie and Cheryl McDonald said their goal is both to share their success with their employees and to elevate their level of service.

Quest Admits Data Breach

Quest Diagnostics says it won’t offer fraud protection to the 34,000 people affected by a data breach at the medical testing company.

More than 1,500 individuals in Connecticut had their personal information compromised in the incident. A hacker was able to access names, dates of birth, lab results and telephone numbers.

Quest discovered the breach in late November, but it may date back more than six years. The company says there’s no indication the information has been misused.