Foil Packet Velvet Steamed Salmon with Razzle Dazzle Sauce

Aug 20, 2014

Credit Credit Renée S. Suen/flickr creative commons

Your family has a hankering--a yen for chicken tikka masala or queso fundido, for shrimp pad Thai or a Philly cheese steak--and they want it bad. So you decide to eat out at a local ethnic or roadside restaurant, or do a take-out. It's expedient, but is the food really good? Really, really good? Because Lucinda Scala Quinn's versions of all those dishes families crave will knock your socks off and prove beyond a doubt that the foods you love can be made better, faster, tastier, cheaper, and more healthfully at home. We tried her recipe for a velvety salmon using an aluminum foil packet. Fantastic! 

Also on this week's edition of The Food Schmooze we taste Berkshire Bark Chocolate, a gluten-free, pale Lager beer imported from Spain, a fantastic Connecticut made vodka, a delicious gluten-free pizza, and plenty of kitchen tips.

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Lori Mack and Jonathan McNicol contributed to this show, which originally aired February 14, 2014.