Five Things You Have to Listen to From WNPR This Week

Jun 27, 2014

1. A $60 Million Baseball Deal, and a Long-Awaited Supermarket 

Hartford Mayor Segarra and the city's Director of Development Thomas Deller joined Where We Live to talk ballpark. The city is looking to develop not just a ballpark, but a larger area that would be known as Downtown North, including a supermarket. Dankosky got a little fired up during the discussion about numbers presented by the city (like 600 full-time jobs created, and 700 people staying in hotels after a minor-league baseball game). Listen to the audio below -- and check out our Storify of the conversation.

2. Boughton Drops Out, Offers Lukewarm Endorsement for Foley

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, a Republican, recently dropped out of the race for governor, and threw his endorsement to Tom Foley. As Colin McEnroe reminds us, "Bear in mind that Foley and Boughton were running mates in 2010. In the ensuing years, an uneasiness built up between them, and flared up in occasional Twitter sniping, and finally settled into what one writer called 'a palpable undercurrent of disdain.'"  So why endorse Foley over John McKinney? 

Speaking on The Colin McEnroe Show on Monday, Boughton explained, and it's not exactly a glowing endorsement. Listen to him below:

In the pantheon of dairy cows, Osborndale Ivanhoe is Zeus.
Credit thebeaker.org

3. A Connecticut Bull that Changed Dairy Farming... Forever

Over at The Beaker, WNPR's science blog, Patrick Skahill paid homage to Osborndale Ivanhoe. If you drink milk, it's likely you have consumed a product related to Ivanhoe.

This noble beast was raised at the Osborndale Farm in Derby, and sired more than 100 sons and 5,000 daughters. It's a story about a bad ass female farmer, the rise of artificial insemination, and a genetic defect that makes its way back to the town of Derby. 

4. New Reality Show in Connecticut 

The Faith Middleton Show folks got a tip about an A&E project on Belden Island, one of the 300 islands that make up the rocky grouping known commonly as the Thimbles off the coast of Stony Creek.

Credit Jason Clapp, Creative Commons

Apparently, a new show called "Love Prison" will air in August. The premise? Wait for it... "In this unique social experiment," A&E said in a release, "online couples meet for the first time on a remote island. Love Prison is a lone cabin rigged with fixed cameras; there are no visible producers, no visible cameramen, and no escape!"

More on that here, and more from WNPR's Colin McEnroe Show archives, too: they took an in-depth look at the real world of reality television: Naked, Afraid, and at the Mercy of Producers. Don't do it, people. 

5. A Little Bit of Connecticut at the Sistine Chapel 

Connecticut industries to the rescue! The Sistine Chapel has way more visitors than it used to -- up 300 percent from 1980. "These visitors are bring dust and dirt from the outside which is contaminating the frescoes in a way that wasn’t imagined," John Mandyck, Chief Sustainability Officer for UTC Building and Industrial Systems told WNPR's Harriet Jones. Farmington-based Carrier is contracted to install a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, which will help preserve the frescoes of Michelangelo. Carrier also installed the old system in the 1990s. This one will be twice as efficient, and have three times the capacity. 

The frescoes on the Sistine Chapel are safe, for now.
Credit wikimedia commons