The First Annual Summer Humor Show!

Aug 4, 2011

So where do you get your humor? The New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs column? (This morning I laughed at Tim Long's summer vacation riff in the current issue.) The Daily Show? (I just sat here for five minutes chuckling at an Aasif Mandvi piece about ducks and wind turbines in Florida.) McSweeney's? (The current lead posting is note on a Huck Finn movie slowly turning into a a summer robot disaster film with lots of interracial sex. It's funny.)

That's my day so far.

In recent years I've discovered the joys on improv comedy, so it's my pleasure to bring you the Hartford-based Sea Tea Improv troupe today. I'm also a long-time consumer and occasional producer of literary humor, so I'm excited about the launch of a new magazine, also based right here in Hartford. And then there's the Hunt Me 4 Sport guy. Is he joking?

Join me and our ombudsman John Dobbin for our soon-to-be annual Summer Humor Show.

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