Find Inspiration To Pursue Your Passion

Jan 23, 2014

Credit Barnaby Dorfman/flickr creative commons

From Faith Middleton: For some, it's watching football, while for others it's swimming with sharks, or carving wood. If life is a grand adventure, why not pursue your own passionate interest?

I know, life, that same grand adventure, feels as if it gets in the way, but all around us people are managing to carve out time—an hour here, a weekend there—to do what they love to do. As a result, soul-crushing tension becomes soul-filling and bearable.

The thing about passionate pursuits is that they're not wasted time because the energy and flow they give us make us lose track of time. (This also explains the frustrated partner confronting the tardy fisherman who hoped just a few more casts would land the big one. Not that I would know anything about that… okay, I'll admit it, I have been that obsessed surf-casting fisherwoman.)

We look forward to hearing what your passionate pursuit is, or the one you dream about. Find inspiration on The Faith Middleton Show, exploring the richness of life.

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  • “Gne Gne,” Montefiori Cocktail
  • “Optimist,” Zoë Keating
  • “Another Galaxy,” Paul Simon
  • “Perpetuum Mobile,” Penguin Cafe Orchestra