Federal Judge Upholds Connecticut Gun Control Law

Jan 31, 2014

Credit Chris Reed/iStock / Thinkstock

A federal judge upheld the state's gun control law on Thursday, acknowledging that it affects Second Amendment rights. U.S. District Judge Alfred Covello said in a ruling on Thursday that the measure is constitutional.

State lawmakers added more than 100 firearms to the state's assault weapons ban in response to the 2012 shootings at Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School. New regulations also imposed restrictions on the sale of large-capacity ammunition magazines.

Connecticut gun rights advocates sued Governor Dannel Malloy, and asked the court to stop the law from being enforced. 

Judge Covello said in a decision that the gun law relates to the state's interest in public safety and crime control. A lawyer for the plaintiffs said they plan to appeal.

In a statement, Governor Malloy said, "The court made the right decision today. The common-sense measures we enacted last session will make our state safer, and I am grateful for the court's seal of approval. Let's not forget that this has happened before. In prior instances when Connecticut has passed related firearms laws, there have been similar challenges, and they have all been unsuccessful."

This report includes information from The Associated Press.