En Garde!

Jun 23, 2014

This saber was forged in the town of New Britain to end you!
Put down your pistol and draw your sword. Any man can shoot
but do you have skill? Do you not have the will to clash such
fine steel? Put down your pistol coward! I will make you kneel
before me... Have you no honor? Valor? You'd rather flick a
finger than allow your blade to linger in the heart chambers of
your rivals?

Lay down your pistol please. Show Mercy. I have no bullets left.
As I stare down the barrel I realize I am not worthy of death.
This is unfair. I'm ill-prepared for this kind of fate. We can
start over. Both have  a clean slate. Don't be irate. I only want peace.
No really, I have a family to nurture. A fine wife and son,
put down your gun. I am not ready to plunge into the depths
of hell even though I've sent souls to that fiery oblivion.
Honest here is my white flag.
I surren--