Electric Supplier Legislation Passes Senate; Senate Approves College Sex Assault Legislation

Apr 30, 2014

Consumer protections that promise more transparent billing and marketing by electric suppliers have unanimously cleared the state Senate. The legislation passed on Tuesday. It directs state regulators to redesign the standard billing format for residential electric customers by July of 2015 and the account summary page for online billing. The new bills must display additional account information such as rates, the term and expiration date of current rates and other details.

The state senate has unanimously approved a bill designed to help protect college students from sexual assault. The new bill would require colleges and universities in Connecticut to provide annual prevention and awareness programs every year. It calls on schools to report all incidences of sexual assault in a crime report ---and also requires disciplinary officers to be trained annually.

Another Measles Case Reported in Connecticut

A third case of measles has been confirmed in southern Connecticut this year, the latest one in New Haven County. State health officials say the patient is an adult, but few other details have been released. The person complained of a rash on April 24 and The Department of Public Health reported it in a doctors' advisory the next day. Cases are considered infectious four days before and after a rash appears. In February, two cases of measles were reported in Fairfield County, an adult and an infant.

Concerns Over National Guard Cuts

Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman has joined her counterparts nationwide to express concern over possible federal budget cuts to the National Guard. In a letter to the President on Tuesday, Wyman and 38 other lieutenant governors voiced their opposition to potential cuts in the 2015 U.S. Army draft budget--- that would return National Guard spending to pre-2001 levels.

Gubernatorial Hopeful Charged

Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Lee Whitnum of Greenwich has been charged with beach of peace. She was released without having to post bail. State Police say Whitnum was arrested for allegedly creating a disturbance in the law library at the Stamford courthouse on April 24. Her arraignment was scheduled for May 20.