The Electoral Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Nov 1, 2012

Bridgeport. Why is it always Bridgeport?

The city is rapidly becoming famous for Election Day problems, and this year will be no exception. Power outages could cramp voting and so could the fact that ordinary polling places have now been converted to storm shelters.

On this show, we'll talk about the way Monday's big storm changed the complexion of this election. There will be problems with the basic mechanics of voting both here and in harder hit states.

And there are subtler changes.

The candidates have been forced to morph their messages to suit the current moment. And, with so much of the debate being about taxing, spending and budgets, there are several new wrinkles. Whose numbers add up if we have to spend a lot of money not only cleaning up the coast but building new protective systems around floodplains?

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