Election Double Header: Voting In The 21st Century

Mar 20, 2012

We now take some things for granted about voting in Connecticut.

1.) It’s gonna happen on a Tuesday.

2.) You’re going to have to register in advance - then go to a polling place and hope you’re on the list.

3.) You’re going to “bubble in” your choice on a piece of paper - yes, “bubble in” is an idiom.

4.) Connecticut is going to be almost irrelevant to the national political discussion.

5.) In some towns, we’re gonna have a hard time conducting an election at all.

But, is there a chance that one - or all of those things - could change? Saturday voting? Same-day registration? Voting from your computer at home? Maneuvering our primaries to a better place on the calendar? Ordering enough ballots for Bridgeport?

We feel like “playing two” today, so it’s time for another “Election Doubleheader” and we’re talking voting.