Dude, That Nutmegger Was A Total Jerk ...

Jul 10, 2013

I'm forever grateful -- and oddly disappointed -- that in the 24 hours during which we've been promoting today's show about the role of jerks in shaping the history and character of Connecticut, not one person has asked me whether I'm going to be a guest. I feel as though my reputation as a Connecticut jerk is kind of bleaching out in the hot sun of passing time.

As we assembled this show, so many interesting questions drifted in and out of focus. How do you evaluate a complex jerk like John Brown? And how long do you make Charles Van Doren burn in jerk hell for his one transgression?

Most interestingly, is Connecticut any more of a breeding ground for jerks than anyplace else?

Even our nickname, the Nutmeg State, may derive from a suspicion that Yankee peddlers were passing off wooden nutmegs as the real thing. Which ia a jerk move. We talked about it all today.

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