Dr. Lloyd Sederer on Mental Health Care

May 3, 2013

Advocates for mental health have been expressing concern about the conversation in American following the Newtown shootings.  While we still don’t know the details of whatever mental illness Adam Lanza may have suffered from, and we don’t know the particulars of his treatment or medication, lawmakers from all sides of the debate over guns have drawn mental health care into the discussion.  

New laws have included limits on the ability of mentally ill people to get guns - treating the issue as one of public safety and criminal justice, rather than one of public health.

Dr. Lloyd Sederer is Medical Director of the New York State Office of Mental Health, the nation’s largest mental health system. He is New York State’s “chief psychiatrist” and he’s author of The Family Guide to Mental Health Care: Advice on Helping Your Loved Ones. He’s trying to lead a discussion about really helping families that are struggling with an emotional or mental health crisis.  

He’ll be speaking at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford this Sunday, May 5.