From Domestic Violence To Zero Tolerance: Improving The Lives Of Connecticut's Children

Jan 24, 2017

A new report gives voice to some of Connecticut's youngest domestic violence victims -- children six years old and younger. This hour, we take a look at the findings from that report and consider what’s being done to improve services for children who experience trauma. 

Later, we revisit our interview with University of South Carolina School of Law Professor Derek Black. We discuss the impact of zero tolerance policies on students and learn about ongoing efforts to divert kids away from the justice system.


  • Karen Jarmoc - CEO of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Derek Black - Professor of Law at the University of South Carolina School of Law and author of Ending Zero Tolerance: The Crisis of Absolute School Discipline
  • Jeff Vanderploeg - Vice President for Mental Health Initiatives at the Child Health and Development Institute

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Chion Wolf and Jeff Tyson contributed to this show, a portion of which originally aired on September 22, 2016.