Discussions With Adam Lanza's Father Continue

Jan 17, 2014

Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson.
Credit CT-N

The governor's Sandy Hook Advisory Commission met Friday to discuss mental health and autism. As it did, it got an update from its chairman, Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, on his discussions with the father of Newtown gunman Adam Lanza. 

Last week, Jackson told the commission that he was in touch with representatives of Lanza's family, including his father, Peter Lanza. He said he was specifically requesting access to the gunman's medical records as they would be useful to the commission. Friday, Jackson gave the commission more information.

"He has agreed to provide assistance to the commission," Jackson said. "The parameters of that are to be determined. He, in fact, called during the last presentation so I'll have to give him a call back shortly. I'd like to sit down with him in short order and understand the parameters of his engagement with the commission and report that back to you next week."

WNPR also asked Jackson about recent published reports about an audio tape said to be of Adam Lanza himself. Jackson said he was aware of the tape but that the commission doesn't have the resources to try and prove whether or not it is Adam Lanza.

He said that should the state police determine the tape is of Adam Lanza, that his commission would discuss it. But, reached by WNPR, state police said they had not confirmed whether the voice was Lanza's and that they were not looking into it.