Discerning Religious Life, Struggling with Celibacy

Oct 8, 2013

Credit Lel4nd, Creative Commons

Author David Schickler wanted to be a priest as a young man, but he struggled between his desire to serve God and to be with women. He said, “For me to have become celibate for life would have been to become half human.”

 The world is filled with men who have - at some time - felt a calling to the priesthood, but felt the vow of celibacy has stood in their way. And women who struggle to find their place in a man’s institution.  

What does that mean for a church that’s slowly lurching toward reform - when questioning potential leaders can’t take leadership roles. 

Those are some of the topics we’ll cover,  as David Schickler joins us to talk about his book “The Dark Path” - along with a panel of religious thinkers to explore the history of celibacy in the church, and the tensions of those in the discerning process and in religious life. 


  • Danielle Tumminio, Author, life coach, Episcopal Priest 
  • Marc Lavallee, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Barry University
  • David Schickler, Screenwriter, novelist, author of The Dark Path