A Disaster More Dire By The Day: Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Sep 28, 2017

Most of Puerto Rico still has no power or running water one week after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

And many Connecticut Puerto Ricans are still struggling to contact their family members. On the next Where We live, we look at the response so far by the US government to this humanitarian crisis affecting 3.5 million Americans. What can you do to help?


  • Charles Venator-Santiago - Associate Professor with a joint appointment in Department of Political Science and El Instituto at UConn
  • Camila Domonoske - Reporter for NPR
  • Jimmy Sanchez - Hartford City Councilman
  • Michael Peterson - Director of Communications for CT National Guard
  • Ana Valentin-Jackson - Board Chair of Connecticut Institute for Community Development – Hartford Puerto Rican Parade
  • Chris Murphy - Democratic U.S. Senator from Connecticut

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.

Looking for ways to help? 

Fundraisers in Hartford:

Organizations to donate to:

This show is part of “The Island Next Door,” WNPR’s reporting project about Puerto Rico and Connecticut after Hurricane Maria.