Developmentally Disabled Children's Caucus Meets; Himes Speaks Out for Shoreline Residents

Feb 7, 2014

The Intellectual and Developmental Disability Caucus met in Hartford on Friday to gather comments from state residents concerned about the long-term care of their adult developmentally disabled children. State  lawmakers  heard from many residents who worry about what will happen when they are no longer able to care for their children with autism and other disabilities. 

Himes Urges Storm Aid for Shoreline Residents

Congressman Jim Himes is urging officials with the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to reconsider $18 million in storm aid requests, submitted by shoreline property owners. The residents are seeking to move their homes to higher ground, but their requests were denied last week. 

Gas Prices Anticipated to Rise

AAA said the price for a gallon of gas is set to climb again this spring when refineries shut down for seasonal maintenance. Last spring's prices reached between $3.85 and $4.05 a gallon. This year, AAA estimated prices could range from $3.55 to $3.75 on average.