Decoding Sequestration

Mar 4, 2013

So, let’s say Where We Live was like the federal budget, and because of some self-imposed deadline, our show was subject to a “sequester” -  A cut of 2.3%. 

Well, you’d lose about 1 and a quarter minutes off the show. Doesn’t seem too bad, right?  But what if it was completely arbitrary - cutting the first minute that explains what we’re talking about, or the precise moment our guest Bill Curry says something that might change your world.  Doesn’t sound the the best way to trim things, huh?

In the “real world” sequester that’s taken effect - there are some differing views about how bad the cuts will be, and what they’ll really mean to you and me.  In his weekly address, President Obama said, "It’s important to understand that while not everyone will feel the pain of the cuts right away, the pain will be real. Many middle class families will have their lives disrupted in a significant way."

Today, where we live, we’ll try to find out exactly how disrupted our lives will be in our state - and how we got here in the first place.