Deans From Business Schools Around The World Gather In New Haven

Apr 27, 2012

Deans from 21 top business schools around the world will gather today in New Haven. Yale University will host the first meeting of a new global network for business education.

The international focus of the Global Network for Advanced Management is something totally new in the business school world, says Edward Snyder, Dean of the Yale School of Management.  

"The old model of partnerships is an important model, but it basically means that students in particular business schools were connected to a narrow set of business schools and therefore faculty and students in those business schools as well. They missed top talent throughout the world."

The network includes schools in Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia among others.

Snyder says students will have the opportunity to learn how to conduct business in a global economy.

"The world is flattening, but it's not flattening in a way that people can readily understand. There are a lot of differences in practice. We have differences in the way market economies are organized, the way governments are organized, the way individual companies can operate, who can be on executive teams."

The global network will work to foster ties between business schools in developed nations with those in the developing world.