On Deadline

Nov 9, 2011

Today CL&P faces their final deadline to have everyones power back on. Are you still in the 1%?

It’s also the deadline for the NBA players to accept a deal from the league. There’s that new, looming deadline November 23rd on the national debt ceiling (as if it really matters)…and the President has set a deadline for troop withdrawal from Iraq: December 31st.

So do these deadlines work?  In business, in politics, in your life?

Did you get your emissions checked? Write that term paper? File your taxes? Coming up we’ll talk about the power of the deadline.  

We’ll hear from a psychologist in the UK who studies how stressful deadlines affect our perception of time. From a public relations expert on how CL&P handled its “deadline” - and we’ll talk with a magazine editor who deals with procrastinating writers every single month.

We want to hear from you. Do deadlines make you work harder?