DCF’s Locked Facility for Girls; Sandy Relief Funds; Aid-in-Dying Legislation

Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the East Coast in late 2012.
Credit DVIDSHUB / Creative Commons

A few weeks ago, we held a conversation about the Connecticut Department of Children and Families’ proposal to open a second locked facility for juvenile justice involved girls. It’s a project that has been at the center of intense debate across the state, as many wonder if it’s the best treatment option for at-risk youths.

Well, the opening of that facility is now fast-approaching. On March 19th, DCF will open the new 12-bed locked treatment facility in Middletown. DCF Commissioner Joette Katz and Superintendent William Rosenbeck join us to discuss what lies ahead for the new facility. 

We also hear from a New Jersey reporter, who fills us in with the latest on Gov. Chris Christie’s involvement in the spending of Hurricane Sandy relief funds.

And Cathy Ludlum of Second Thoughts Connecticut joins us for a follow-up conversation about the latest push for aid-in-dying legislation.


  • Joette Katz - Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families 
  • William Rosenbeck - Superintendent of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families 
  • Scott Gurian - Hurricane Sandy Recovery Reporter for NJ Spotlight and WNYC/NJ Public Radio
  • Cathy Ludlum - Member of Second Thoughts Connecticut