Daphne Lee Martin's Moxie

Feb 1, 2013

It's our yearly trip to our favorite little seaport town. Home to a DIY art and music scene that seems to grow every year.  And today, we're coming to you live from The Telegraph. It’s a record shop, used bookstore and performance space owned by Daphne Lee Martin and her husband, Rich Martin.

Daphne has been a fixture on the Connecticut music scene for years with her bands Raise the Rent and Roadside Attractions.  She was voted "Best Country Artist" at last year's Connecticut Music Awards.  Her brand new record, Moxie is an altogether different affair. It's less a collection of songs and more a soundtrack to a wild burlesque show.  

It has a combination of underwater, dreamy vocals, and you hear reggae beats under New Orleans horns. It's bossa nova, honky tonk, Gypsy and swing...all in a late-night cabaret.  We'll be hearing this new music played live - right here at The Telegraph.

Later, we'll be talking more about the music scene in New London, about the "vinyl  revival."