Daniel Goleman in Focus

Dec 16, 2013

Daniel Goleman
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Psychologist and former New York Times reporter Daniel Goleman presented us with an important idea - “Emotional Intelligence” - it challenges the old concept of IQ as the most important measure of one’s abilities.

But his newest research might be even more important for our current world - filled with multiple screens and distractions. It’s all about “Focus.”

 Goleman’s new book delves into a new “science of attention” - that lets us know what parts of our brain are working - and how well.  The book explores new findings from neuroscience labs and “explains why attention is a little-noticed mental asset that makes a huge difference in how well we find our way” in life.  He’s using this as a way to explain leadership and how good leaders interact with others.


 Do you have trouble with “focusing” on the task at hand - or on long-term goals?

 You can join our conversation with Daniel Goleman about his new book FOCUS: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. 


  • Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence