Cutting Through the Clutter: The Art of Mindfulness and Creativity

Nov 3, 2016

In a world of buzzing smartphones, endless meetings and persistent deadlines, how can we be more in-tune with ourselves and more creative in our endeavors?

This hour, we talk mindfulness and creativity in the 21st century.

We’ll hear from an Icelandic filmmaker and Yale Greenberg World fellow who resigned from a career at the United Nations to pursue for herself the secret to intuition and creativity. She documents her journey through her new film InnSaei - The Sea Within.

We also learn about how kids right here in Connecticut are learning to be more mindful. And we talk with the Chief Mindfulness Officer of Aetna. Yes -- that’s an actual title at the insurance giant. He joins us to talk about how the company is offering its employees mindfulness training.

Do you struggle to find work-life balance? Are you constantly moving from one task to the next without time to be creative?


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Lucy Nalpathanchil and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.